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Нa проспекте Бандеры ограничат размах

Oгрaничeниe будeт дeйствoвaть с 00:00 11 сeнтября нaкaнунe 16:00 13 сeнтября и с 22:00 18 сентября эскизно 16:00 20 сентября.

В эти и в готовящийся выходные на проспекте Степана Бандеры дорожники обустроят показной. Ant. нижний слой покрытия получи и распишись участке в обществе проспектами Героев Сталинграда и Оболонским.

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Half of drivers broke 70mph limit in 2019, but speeding isn’t rising

Half of British car drivers exceeded the speed limit on motorways and even more broke 30mph limits throughout 2019, Government figures have revealed.

In a statistical release from the Department for Transport   (DfT)   based on speed data from its Automatic Traffic Counter   technology, 50% of cars and 53% of motorcycles exceeded the 70mph... ( подробнее )

Buy them before we do: second-hand picks for 11 September

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, so they say. It’s also a good way of getting your hands on the unattainable classic of your dreams. Take, for example, this Chesil Speedster, which offers the style, performance and charm of the iconic Porsche 356 for a fraction of the cost.

Chesil has been producing near-faithful but not technically... ( подробнее )

Mazda MX-5 1.5 R-Sport 2020 UK review

What is it?

You surely know the drill by now when it comes to limited-edition MX-5s.  

Mazda’s iconic two-seater has received so many over the years that we’ve lost count, but that hasn’t stopped them from finding homes. Only so many of each new edition will be made, after all, and although few arrive with any major mechanical... ( подробнее )

Great car designers & their finest creations

Slide of

Car designers can have a huge effect on a company’s fortunes and leave legacies that last for generations.

While some can spend an entire career without ever contributing a complete project, others have an ability to   turn out one stunning shape after... ( подробнее )

Land Rover Defender Hard Top commercial variant goes on sale

Land Rover has opened UK order books for the Defender Hard Top, the commercial version of the new Defender 4x4.

Available in three-door, short-wheelbase Defender 90 and five-door, long-wheelbase Defender 110 bodystyles, Hard Top models eschew rear passenger seats for greater cargo capacity, while retaining the standard car's off-road capabilities.

Hard... ( подробнее )

Toyota Aygo JBL Edition packs upgraded sound system

Toyota has released a special edition of its Aygo city car that sports upgraded cabin speakers and a grey and orange exterior.

Called JBL Edition, this latest iteration of the Aygo focuses on "audio excellence", according to   Toyota, and features   the most powerful and sophisticated sound system yet in an Aygo.

The new set-up... ( подробнее )

Lucid Air: 1065bhp EV officially unveiled with 517-mile range

California-based EV start-up Lucid has revealed the production version of its Air saloon, an electric performance saloon with up to 1065bhp   and a claimed maximum range of 517 miles.  

The marque’s debut model is claimed to be “the most aerodynamic luxury car in the world”, with a drag co-efficient of just 0.21 - 0.01 less than the new... ( подробнее )

One-off Aston Martin Victor is road-legal V12 hypercar

Aston Martin's   bespoke Q Commission division has revealed its latest customer creation:   a one-off supercar that combines elements of the One-77 and track-only Vulcan.

The Victor is the most powerful road-legal   naturally aspirated car Aston Martin has yet produced. Its 7.3-litre V12 powerplant was stripped and rebuilt by Cosworth,... ( подробнее )

2021 Ineos Grenadier: 17,000 would-be buyers register interest

More than 17,000 would-be buyers have registered to buy Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s rugged new off-roader, the Ineos Grenadier, which   appeared for the first time in public at London's Concours of Elegance last week.

Talking at the event, commercial director Mark Tennant revealed that expressions of interest for the vehicle were running well ahead... ( подробнее )